You Need To Read This If You’re Creative, Lost, Young…Or All Three

You Need To Read This If You’re Creative, Lost, Young...Or All Three
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I felt like an outcast.

In fact, I still do.

I wasn’t sure what to do with this insatiable need to create, to be bigger than what my surrounding society had already picked out for me to do, and to live this extraordinary life that I couldn’t see but could fee.

Everyone my age had always focused, and still does, on partying, drinking, and going out.

Ever since I was a child, all I wanted to do was write, produce, direct, collaborate, and create. I wanted to meet people who were like me. But, where?

Do you have any idea what it feels likes to be an outcast? To be creative and not know where to put it? You feel insane. And, then you think you really are. And, maybe you are…. It made me feel lost, depressed, and isolated.

At 16-years-old, I stopped bullshitting. I realized that if I wanted to live an extraordinary life, I had to do what the ordinary wouldn’t.

Let’s rewind that back:

“I realized that if I wanted to live an extraordinary life, I had to do what the ordinary wouldn’t.”

I took the whole year of my 17th birthday to develop an editorial concept and marketing strategy and created a digital fashion magazine and launched it in 2008. I didn’t go out, I lost a lot of friends, and I began my journey to self-discovery. That’s where it all began, where I met myself for the first time: a creative businesswoman.

Thanks to the many magazines and documentaries I watched, I taught myself things a 40-something-year-old well into their career would know, and more. I was a tech geek after all. Hate to brag, but my MySpace comment boxes and themes were always poppin’!

I’ve come a long way since I was 16-years-old.

I have collaborated on campaigns with international companies, have worked for companies like CNN, and directed and managed huge publicity stunts for Uber, and have worked for, most impressively, myself

I’m writing this post because if you feel any bit of how I did, an outcast-creative and unsure on how to make it work for you, I am genuinely hoping I, and the guests I’ll have on my blog and podcast, can help.

I will be sitting with some of the best creative minds (in my opinion) in business from vice presidents and CEOs, freelance writers, entrepreneurs, public relations directors, film and tv producers, illustrators, and more. We are going to break it down together for you. I will be asking them what led them to discover their passion, what skills they’ve learned along the way, and an array of other wide-ranging questions.

Being an outcast isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s simply mislabeled by those who don’t understand that they were born to lead.

Tita Carra

This is me starting over. That's all I have for now. Follow me on Instagram and Snapchat: @titacarra.

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